Who we are

Avvocatoviaggiatore.it is the Italian portal that from 2013 offers tourists and travellers free advice and complete legal assistance on the problems and inefficiencies suffered during travel and holidays.

It originated from the collaboration of professionals, seniors and young, specialised in transport and tourism law, civil consumer law and international law.

The mission of the staff of Avvocatoviaggiatore.it is to protect the weakest contracting parties (tourists, travellers and consumers) and at the same time safeguard tourism, the right of every citizen, a precious asset and strategic resource of the country.

The site administrator and editor-in-chief is Dario Barbagallo, a lawyer specialized, amongst other things, in community law and civil consumer law.

The legal advice provided by the staff of avvocatoviaggitore.it is free of charge. At the end of the consultation, should there be the grounds for obtaining compensation or reimbursement, the applicant may contact either a trusted lawyer or the staff of avvocatoviaggiatore.it who will take the most appropriate action to achieve a result and who will take care of the entire process of the file until the applicant is fully reimbursed.

The professional assignment is conferred by power of attorney to one or more members of the staff of avvocatoviaggiatore.it and a regulation drawn up on a case-by-case basis which always provides for the renunciation of the professional to any compensation in the event of a negative outcome of the procedure for compensation or reimbursement.